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Registrations On Your Terms

How to Add Your Own Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions are an important inclusion within your registration form. To protect your association or club follow these instructions and ensure your Terms & Conditions are up to date and suitable.

Making Payments Compulsory

How to Set Compulsory Payments

We are excited to announce that we have released a Compulsory Payments feature to enhance the functionality of our online Registrations & Payments system.

What this means is that if you as an administrator select the Compulsory Payment option (which is configurable by form), a new member must complete payment online for them to be registered to the database. If they are a returning member, and they don't complete payment, they will not be registered into the season.
In the past members could fill in the registration form and be added to the system as non-financial requiring club administrators to follow up these members to ensure they become financial. This will be a time saver for your club administrators and allow the club to access their funds sooner. 

8 handy tips for keeping your presence over the Christmas break

The holiday season is now almost upon us and with it may come the odd spare hour or two to spend decorating all things FOX SPORTS PULSE before a new year and new season unwraps itself. Below are 8 little helping hints administrators can follow over the off season to keep the star shining brightly over your website and membership database.

Setting up Team and Club Abbreviations

All administrators who have added teams and clubs to their FOX SPORTS PULSE Competitions database before would have noticed a field where you can input an abbreviation or nickname for the team/club.  It is important that administrators put something meaningful into this field as this field now gets pushed out on to the website.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Compulsory Payments is now live!

We are excited to announce that we have released a Compulsory Payments feature to enhance the functionality of our online Registrations & Payments system.

What this means is that if you as an administrator select the Compulsory Payment option (which is configurable by form), a new member must complete payment online for them to be registered to the database. If they are a returning member, and they don't complete payment, they will not be registered into the season.

FOX SPORTS PULSE Network Update 28/11/2013

Here is the list of updates released into the FOX SPORTS PULSE Network this week:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Customer Support Phone System

To service our sports better, we recently overhauled our support phone system and added members to our support staff. We now have support staff based in both our Sydney and Melbourne offices.

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'Tis the season to clean up your website

'Twas the site before Christmas, when the time came for a good cleaning. With the end of the year approaching and possibly some extra time on your hands, there's no better time to jump in to refreshing and revitalising your website for the new year. Below are a few simple changes you can make to your website to make things easier and more professional for your users.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Winter 2013 - End Of Season Wrap

Winter 2013 – End of Season Wrap

2013 will be remembered for many reasons, perhaps your team won the Grand Final and you made the winning play; perhaps it was your first year at a new club and you made some new mates. For us at FOX SPORTS PULSE we spent another season working hard alongside the sports to help capture, show and keep these moments. Here’s a few of our highlights...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The process to edit your website has changed!

The position to access the editor section of your website has changed, slightly. Previously, you could access the back end of your site by clicking the ‘Website Editor’ button at the bottom left of the screen as shown below.

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Competitions: Adding Player Numbers

Competitions: Adding Player Numbers

Up until now a player could only have a default number across their club and this was only set in the pre-game screen or after a match had been played, making it difficult to setup default team numbers when first setting up a team. Now administrators have the ability to set default jumper numbers for teams as well as clubs. Also administrators can now view and change these defaults via the relevant member lists.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chasing down late payments

Offering online payments to your members is terrific. Chasing up those who haven't paid is annoying. It doesn't have to be. Below are a few ways you can use the reports and communicator systems to your advantage in hounding those disobedient unpaid members.

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Bulk Competition Rollover - Prepare to Save Time!

The Bulk Competition Rollover is a function that now allows Associations to duplicate Competition details from one season to another. This dramatically accelerates the new season setup process as the information is automatically entered from the previous settings. This feature allows administrators to select which competitions are rolled over, this can be from rolling over one competition to all of them.

Fair Fixtures, Back to the Redrawing Board

Creating fair fixtures is a constant priority and often a struggle for Administrators. FOX SPORTS PULSE have created a new way to redraw fixtures in an attempt to help Administrators with this process.

Live Streaming your Grand Finals...make it your final play!

The end of the season is well and truly upon many of our winter sports, and with it brings the excitement and drama of finals matches. Broadcasting your finals and grand finals live to the world may seem like a fanciful idea, but FOX SPORTS PULSE have a user friendly platform to make live streaming your matches a reality! Read on to find out more.

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The Finals Countdown

For many winter sports, finals matches are either rapidly approaching or in some cases already under way. Just about everyone does their finals differently but below are a few tips that may hopefully make things a little more efficient at the pointy end of the season.

Enhanced Process To Move Teams & Members Between Competitions

Moving teams between competitions is a regular occurrence and in the past has been a time consuming process for administrators. The following documentation will explain the best process to copy teams including their members from one competition into a new competition. This process will only work if both competitions are being played in the same season, for example season 2013.

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Registration hassles? Make them history.

Are you a registrar that always dreads the start of the new season and the huge amount of work that goes into getting all your players/teams into the new season? If so, solutions are finally here to help you and they're called "Member Renewals" and "Team Renewals".

Time to Configure Your Seasons

Believe it or not, summer season is just around the corner. That means that those sports that run summer comps are busy getting their online rego process ready and starting to setup their new competitions. 

This is a good opportunity for a reminder to update your season configuration to avoid summer season data getting caught up in your winter season. Seasons are configured nationally for Water Polo, Rugby League, Football and AFL,  so they can disregard this blog, however Basketball and Touch users should read on...

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Administrator Tool Enhancement: Ladders Now Viewable by 'Round'

After much feedback and requests from our users we have now made a change to Ladders in FOX SPORTS PULSE Membership to help make the lives of Administrators simpler.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Make Your Stats Shine!

There’s no doubt that players of all sports love exploring through not only their own statistics, but also those of their team mates and opponents. This is where your website has the potential to feed all statistical curiosities.

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Super-charge your Membership database

Are you getting full use of the Membership Database tool?

Many of you will already be familiar with using it for registrations and payments, competition management and reporting functions.

But you may not know that it's a fantastic tool to also manage your merchandise and uniforms, events, and non-paying memberships. Read on to find out how.

Stadium Scoring is Going Strong

The popularity of Stadium Scoring continues to grow in Australia with a number of new users reaping the immediate benefits the software has to offer. The software eliminates both the tedious task of entering results manually and the potential errors in collating those scores.  Plus, once a game has finished, Administrators can choose to publish game results instantly online, delivering immediate access to results for players and fans and a superior level of spectator experience.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ladder Changes

Over the last week you may have noticed some changes to the way we display Ladders on the FOX SPORTS PULSE Websites. In the past when you first arrive at the Ladder page the system tried to determine what was the current round. In the majority of cases the correct Ladder was displayed, however in other cases it was not able to correctly determine the correct Ladder.

Widgets: Energise your website!

Every Standard website has the capacity to include a wide variety of widgets to help you spice up the look and feel of your site. A widget is basically an element on your website that will take information from your site (or others) and display it for users in a format that is easy to view and access.

Getting Started With Reports

The Reporting functionality within your FOX SPORTS PULSE database allows administrators to report on a number of different areas including:
Clubs, Competitions, Contacts, Finance, Members, Teams, Transfers and Tribunal entries.
The categories of reports available will differ depending on the sport and the level of database access, e.g. 'teams' reports are not available at the team level. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

News Layout Refresh

We are excited to give you a refreshed layout of our News summary template on Standard and Advanced sites.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting started with Communicator

Communicator is a powerful tool in your Membership database that can provide you with the capacity to quickly and efficiently reach your members. It can be used for a variety of purposes so we've outlined briefly below 5 key functions of Communicator that should help you to get up and running and communicating!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Important social media widget changes

Twitter is making some changes to the way they do widgets.  The current widget which many users have enabled on Standard and Advanced sites is being retired in June 2013, and a fresh new widget with more configuration options for the user is being enabled.  In order for our users to be able to receive this functionality on their sites we have had to make some changes to the website editor.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quick guide to using team sheets

A key part of your database when it comes to managing match day processes is the humble team sheet. From verifying games played to just keeping score team sheets may have various uses. Below are just a few little tips and pointers to get you up and running with the team sheet functionality available in your database.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Have you upgraded to the latest version of your web browser?

Did you know that the internet's three most popular web browsers - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome - have all recently released new free versions?