Monday, September 9, 2013

Live Streaming your Grand Finals...make it your final play!

The end of the season is well and truly upon many of our winter sports, and with it brings the excitement and drama of finals matches. Broadcasting your finals and grand finals live to the world may seem like a fanciful idea, but FOX SPORTS PULSE have a user friendly platform to make live streaming your matches a reality! Read on to find out more.

FOX SPORTS PULSE's partnership with YouTube means we have simple ways for you to embed your feed and YouTube channel into your FOX SPORTS PULSE website. By allowing FOX SPORTS PULSE to claim your YouTube channel you can deliver a professional live streaming experience for your fans. 

Here’s how you do it: 

1.  Sign up with FOX SPORTS PULSE
Email us with the details of your website and club/association and that you wish to have your channel claimed and we’ll enable your YouTube channel to live stream. If you've already had your channel claimed move on to step 2.

2.  Get some gear!
FOX SPORTS PULSE has no affiliation with providers, but we have worked with a lot of sports in streamlining their solutions. To find out what we recommend and to get you up and running with YouTube live click here.

3.  Record and Publish
Once you’re set up, you can easily run a few tests in private before you take your games to the world.

When you’re ready, simply activate the FOX SPORTS PULSE YouTube widget in your website editor and you can share your games with the world. 

Contact us with any questions and to get set-up today!

Learn more about LiveStreaming here.

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