Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Administrator Tool Enhancement: Ladders Now Viewable by 'Round'

After much feedback and requests from our users we have now made a change to Ladders in FOX SPORTS PULSE Membership to help make the lives of Administrators simpler.

In FOX SPORTS PULSE Membership, historically you have only been able to view the Ladder as it currently stands at the given point in time. The functionality was not available to go back and view the Ladder round by round. We are pleased to advise that this is no longer the case and that as an Administrator you will now be able to go to the Ladder section of your FOX SPORTS PULSE Membership Database and view the Ladder round by round. This will no doubt be a useful addition to the tool for Administrators going forward.

For this functionality to be turned on for your database all that is required is for Administrators to please contact your Account Manager.

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