Monday, December 2, 2013

Registrations On Your Terms

How to Add Your Own Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions are an important inclusion within your registration form. To protect your association or club follow these instructions and ensure your Terms & Conditions are up to date and suitable.

1.     From the dashboard menu hover over Registrations and click Registration Forms

2.     From the Registration Form menu click Edit on your existing registration form                      

3.     Then click on the Messages tab

4.     From the next menu click on the Full Information tab

5.     The next step is to scroll down to the Terms & Conditions section
                          i.     The first step is to add a header (optional) in the small box at the top
                         ii.     Secondly, add in your Terms & Conditions into the larger box
                       iii.     Thirdly, decide whether you want to include a mandatory checkbox to your Terms & Conditions

6.     Once the fields have been completed click the SAVE button

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