Monday, August 26, 2013

The Finals Countdown

For many winter sports, finals matches are either rapidly approaching or in some cases already under way. Just about everyone does their finals differently but below are a few tips that may hopefully make things a little more efficient at the pointy end of the season.


Below are a couple of reports that can be handy towards the end of season to quickly and easily find out the breakdown and numbers of games played by your members.

Finals Eligibility Report

The Finals Eligibility report can give you a quick breakdown of the total number of matches your members have played across one or multiple competitions. Many of your competitions may have finals eligibility rules, including playing in higher grades and so on, so this report is perfect in getting a breakdown of where a players total matches for the season occurred.

Rounds Played Report

The Rounds Played report will provide some further information on what particular rounds a member participated in for a competition. This report can come in handy when looking for some more in depth information on a player's matches across the season and could potentially be used to resolve any disputes about where a player played for any given week of the season.

Finals Fixture Templates

The Fixture Templates menu in your database will house all of the fixture templates (for both finals and the regular season) that are available. These are in a 1v2, 3v4 format which allows you to dictate who plays who and for finals fixture templates, allows you to dictate how teams progress through the finals series.

There are a number of generic finals templates that cover almost all bases but should your competitions have a unique finals configuration you will be able to set up your own fixture template.

For instructions on how to create your own finals fixture templates, click here.

For any further help on configure your finals fixture templates or running any reports feel free to contact our Customer Service Team.

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