Wednesday, December 4, 2013

FOX SPORTS PULSE Network Updates - 04/12/3013

Here is the list of updates released into the FOX SPORTS PULSE Network this week:

FOX SPORTS PULSE Membership/Competitions 
  • The look and feel of the Tribunal section in Online Results has been updated.
  • The processing fee will now display correctly on all forms
  • Multiple changes relating to the new National Registration Solution
  • In password management the count of users will now display correctly.
  • The ability to auto load members into a General Club when registering via a Registration Form was added.
  • The Navigation Bar in the OSEP System has now been updated.
  • If Live Scoring is not enabled a more useful message will now display on the At Game tab.
  • Further changes for the SP Membership and Live Stats integration.


  • Percentage fields for the Basketball results will now calculate correctly.
  • A null score will now display for Football results
  • The Other Matches box in the Match Centre will now display all matches in the current round.

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