Thursday, September 26, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

Bulk Competition Rollover - Prepare to Save Time!

The Bulk Competition Rollover is a function that now allows Associations to duplicate Competition details from one season to another. This dramatically accelerates the new season setup process as the information is automatically entered from the previous settings. This feature allows administrators to select which competitions are rolled over, this can be from rolling over one competition to all of them.

Fair Fixtures, Back to the Redrawing Board

Creating fair fixtures is a constant priority and often a struggle for Administrators. FOX SPORTS PULSE have created a new way to redraw fixtures in an attempt to help Administrators with this process.

Live Streaming your Grand Finals...make it your final play!

The end of the season is well and truly upon many of our winter sports, and with it brings the excitement and drama of finals matches. Broadcasting your finals and grand finals live to the world may seem like a fanciful idea, but FOX SPORTS PULSE have a user friendly platform to make live streaming your matches a reality! Read on to find out more.