Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quick guide to using team sheets

A key part of your database when it comes to managing match day processes is the humble team sheet. From verifying games played to just keeping score team sheets may have various uses. Below are just a few little tips and pointers to get you up and running with the team sheet functionality available in your database.

Locating your team sheets
Once you've logged in to Online Results, click on Pre-Game for any particular match you will see the team sheets that are available* (as shown below).

* Note: the team sheets that are available will be dependent on what sport the database belongs to and the individual settings of the Association/League.

Printing team sheets off on bulk
To save having to click into every match, team sheets can be viewed and printed off for multiple games at a time. On the match list screen (shown below), any team sheets that have 'bulk team sheet' functionality enabled, you will be able to view and print team sheets for all matches listed.

Printing off team sheets
Team sheets can be printed off directly from your internet browser. To do this, click on the File menu at the top of the screen and click Print.

Assigning players with default playing numbers
Players that you are assigning to matches can also be assigned a default playing number. In the Pre Game menu if you click on the Tools menu you will see the option for a default player number (shown below). You will then be able to assign a player with a default playing number so that each game the player is assigned to, their playing number will be automatically assigned as well.

For any further queries on what team sheets are available to you or how to print team sheets off on bulk feel free to lodge a ticket through the FOX SPORTS PULSE Support Centre.

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