Thursday, November 27, 2014

A helpful way to manage your officials

Are you looking for a better way to manage your official appointments in 2015? 

Schedula is an end to end online officials management solution, and it’s here to help! 

Support over the holiday season

We wish you and your sporting organisation a happy and safe holiday season.

Our office will be closed from Monday the 22nd of December to Sunday the 4th of January.

If you still require urgent support help in this period, please contact out support team on 1300 139 970

FOX SPORTS PULSE Network Update 27/11/2014

Registrations - Products  
  • Images are now available on Products. The ability to add a photo to a products has been added. A photo can be added by clicking the 'Upload Image' box within the Details tab of a product.

All Sports 
  • A filter has been added to easily hide rounds for Associations with a lot of competitions.A filter has been added to the Hide Rounds page to enable users with a large number of Competitions to more easily filter these Competitions.