Thursday, September 26, 2013

FOX SPORTS PULSE Network Updates - 26/09/2013

Here is the list of updates released into the FOX SPORTS PULSE Network this week:

FOX SPORTS PULSE Membership/Competitions 

  • Audit Logging functionality has been added to Live Score
  • Updates were made to the Competition Helper Wizard that displays when creating a new Competition
  • The ability to hide rounds in Bulk has been added
  • The ability to define the order of values in a drop down list has been added. This will only work for drop down lists which are user can add and edit the values for.
  • Blank Accreditations should no longer display in the Accreditations Section.
  • The ability to set default jumper numbers for teams as well as clubs has been added. There is also now the ability to view and change these defaults via the relevant member lists. There were previously issues where player numbers also are not showing on all team sheets and this change should fix this.
  • Enhancements were made to the display of the time field in the Advanced Fixture Report.
  • The DOB Year Field on the Registration Form is now in descending order as opposed to ascending order.
  • Resolved display issues with Venue Names being too long on the Fixture Display screen.
  • Enhanced the no results template in Club Finder for Water Polo.
  • Permissions for Online Results has been separated for the Team Edit permissions.
  • You can now allocate Umpires for more than one competition at a time.
  • Enhanced the new Accreditation Module to ensure customisation flow through the whole module.
  • Golden Point was added to Live Scoring for the NRL
  • A button for regenerating Finals Fixtures was added
  • All pools will now display for competitions with large amounts of pools.
  • The ability to sort by Match Date and Time was added to the Fixture Report.
  • A new configuration option was added to allow for only results to be edited in SWOL if a match is a Bye.
  • Enhanced the Participation Module to ensure customisation flow through the whole module


  • Added paging to the Unsorted Gallery in the Media Gallery.
  • Improved the display of Show All Rounds on the Fixture and Results pages.
  • Functionality to show the status of match (e.g. Washed Out, Abandoned etc) has been added


  • In the website section there was an update to the terminology used to describe levels.

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