Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Widgets: Energise your website!

Every Standard website has the capacity to include a wide variety of widgets to help you spice up the look and feel of your site. A widget is basically an element on your website that will take information from your site (or others) and display it for users in a format that is easy to view and access.

Widgets are particularly handy as they give you the ability to keep relevant and engaging content on your website without having to update it every single day. A good example of this would be the YouTube widget. If you have a YouTube channel and are uploading videos to it, your widget will update automatically and display the most up-to-date videos on website so you don't have to 'double handle' any website content to keep it fresh and relevant.

Below is a list and description of the popular widgets used as well as all of the other widgets that are available on a Standard website.

Click on any of the widget names to find out more about how to configure them and how they will display.

Popular Widgets

Major Sponsor 

This widget allows you to 'keep the sponsors happy' by providing the ability to place multiple major sponsor images at the top of the right hand side column, above any advertising display. Includes the sponsors name and can link directly to their website.


Provided you have a YouTube channel and FOX SPORTS PULSE have claimed it, you will be able to display your videos on the right hand side column of your website. For more information on YouTube channels and what FOX SPORTS PULSE can provide click here.

Social Media 

The Social Media widget will allow you to integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts into your website, displaying your club or association's Facebook account and most recent Tweets.

Register Now

This widget will give you the option to display an image/link that links directly to a registration form you have in your database allowing members to register and pay online.

Sponsor Information

The Sponsor Information widget provides you the ability to display your sponsor logos/images and links to their websites through the right hand side column. You can even configure this widget to rotate continuously through all of your sponsor logos.

More widgets available to you


If you have your fixtures/results/ladders displaying through your FOX SPORTS PULSE Standard website, you'll be able to create a widget to display the current ladders for your competitions.


This widget gives the ability to add a noticeboard to the right hand side column of your website.


The News widget will allow you to display a list of articles from any of the 'News' sections that you have set up on your website. This can provide a quick and easy reference to your news articles from any page on your website.

Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery widget will display a collection of the most recent photographs that have been uploaded to the media library.

Remote Content 

Remote Content, or RSS feeds, will take the content/articles from an external website (eg. afl.com.au) and display them on the right hand side column of your website.


This widget gives you the option of setting up an opinion poll to display on your website. You'll be able to customise the question and answers and users will be able to vote and view the poll results.

For further queries on any of the widgets that are available in your Standard website go to our Support Centre and submit a ticket if you need any further help.

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