Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Important social media widget changes

Twitter is making some changes to the way they do widgets.  The current widget which many users have enabled on Standard and Advanced sites is being retired in June 2013, and a fresh new widget with more configuration options for the user is being enabled.  In order for our users to be able to receive this functionality on their sites we have had to make some changes to the website editor.

To enable these changes follow the below steps.
  • Login to the website editor for your site.
  • Click Widget Manager

  • Edit your social media widget

  • You will see a new field called New Twitter code on this page follow the instructions listed.

    • Click Here to generate your widget
    • On the Twitter widget page click Create New

    • Once you are happy with your settings click create widget

    • Copy the code created and paste it into the below text box and .

    • Please note that not all the code you copied will appear in the text box after you save as it is not all required to display the widget on your site.
  • If you use the new widget code it will be available straight away, if not your old Twitter widget will only remain on the site until it is retired by Twitter in early June 2013.

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