Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Where do your players sit amongst Australia's best?

In 2016, FOX SPORTS PULSE are bringing back nationwide statistic leaderboards for Australian Rules, Rugby League and Football participants to see where they stack up against their peers.

Keep your website up to date this season

Keeping your website up to date can be difficult when the season is in full-swing, but your website should never be forgotten.  After all, it’s the first place that current and future members go to!

LiveScore instructional videos

Live Score is an online tool that allows administrators to record scores while at the game via their mobile phone or tablet.

Troubleshooting Registrations

Troubleshooting registrations at club level

If your members are sending through queries about registrations, here's how to answer them:

'I received an email to register my child but it won't let me reset the password via the link, it states that there is an invalid token. What do I need to do?'
The problem here is that the link has opened for too long without being activated. The user will need to lodge a ticket stating:
- What the error is: eg. invalid token, link expired. 
-  The email address that is being used to attempt to reset the password. 
Our support team will re-activate the account and re-send a password reset email. 
'I received an email stating I need to register my child but when I log in, the form won't let me. What do I need to do?'
It sounds like the user might be inactive in the club. In this situation they will need to contact their club, who should then contact their association to ensure that the member is made active.
'I am requesting a transfer but the user appears to not have a primary club, what do I need to do?'
In this situation the State body will need to be contacted and they will ensure that issue is resolved. 
'My son played last year but when I log in it only prompts for new members to sign in...what am I doing wrong?'
The likely explanation is that your email addresses are different. Ensure that when you are entering in your email address that it is the same one that you used last year. 
'I try to login to my registration form but it says I am not registered. When I try to register, it says I am already registered.   I have tried resetting my password and that does not help. What do I need to do?'
A confirmation email that has previously been sent to you was not activated. The email will need to be resent by FSP for you to activate. Please contact us with the error you are receiving and the email address you that you use for Passport. Once activated, you will need to reset your password. After this has been done, try and login again. 
'I have been charged twice for my registration, how do I get the money back?'
On rare occasions, member credit cards are double charged by the bank, however only one transaction will show in the member record.  

If this occurs, the member should submit a request to our support site with the date and amount of the payment. They should supply the first 6 and last 3 digits of their credit card number, date of payment, amount of payment and the organisation with which they registered to, as this will allow us to quickly investigate the duplicate payments.    
Note that this is different to when the member has actually paid twice for an item. If that is the case, both transactions will show up in the member's transaction record and it will be the responsibility of the club to reimburse where relevant.
'I received an email stating I needed to register my child but when I log in, the form states 'A member with the same name and date of birth already exists! Please contact your club to request a transfer'. What do I need to do?'
In this situation the member needs to be transferred from one club to another before he is registered. Please contact your club to ensure this happens. 
I have created a new product with multiple pricing but it is showing as $0. How do I fix this?
Single pricing must be s completed even if you are selecting multiple pricing to ensure those who register as 1 person are paying for the product. If the first option in the multiple pricing is $100, the single pricing must be also be set at $100. 
How much do I have to add to my product in order for the 3.9% transaction fee to be accounted for?    
If you divide the product cost by .961 then this should give you the amount that you should set the product to, in order to account for the 3.9% transaction fee.
I clicked the ‘back’ button in my browser (which I know I shouldn't do) and now the transaction value has doubled. What should I do?  
Firstly, try closing the browser and registering again (or try a different browser). The browser session should refresh and resolve this issue. If this does not solve the problem, you will need to contact your club and ask them to remove the superfluous transaction from your member record.  If you have already paid for the transaction, then you will need to contact your club to organise a refund.
'The product (registration fee) is not showing on the registration form.  What should I do?'      
This means the product has been set up incorrectly. Ensure that the correct product is active on the correct registration form. Also make sure that each filter on the product is correct, eg. the availability filter on the product.
'Why am I not receiving a discount for registering more than one member on our club registration form?'    
Ensure that the question 'how many adults/children do you want to register' has been answered correctly. If you only select one adult/child and then attempt to register multiple adults/children in the same form, you will not receive the discount.

Troubleshooting registrations at Association/League level

If your clubs or members are sending through queries about registrations, here's how to answer them:

'Joe Blogs at Test Club is a duplicate, can you please resolve this so he can register?'
The association needs to follow the instructions at the following document to ensure the member is resolved:  Resolving Duplicates within your membership database
'Joe Blogs at Test Club has entered in his email wrong and wants to change it. We cannot access his email at club level, can you please change it.'
Here is how to Add and Edit Members

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This month's frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to our Customer Support team over the past month.

New Season Registration Tips 2016

A new season is just around the corner - make sure your club is ready by following this check list.

New Support Site

FOX SPORTS PULSE has a new support site!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Competition Management enhancements to the FFA network

FOX SPORTS PULSE has released a number of Competition Management enhancements to the FFA network.

These enhancements affect the following areas of the FFA Competition Management network:
- Creating a Competition
- Pre Game Screen of Online Results Entry
- Post Game Screen of Online Results Entry
- Appointment Screen in Schedula
- Layout of the Fixtures, Results, Ladder and Match Centre Screens for all Websites in the FFA Network