Monday, September 9, 2013

Fair Fixtures, Back to the Redrawing Board

Creating fair fixtures is a constant priority and often a struggle for Administrators. FOX SPORTS PULSE have created a new way to redraw fixtures in an attempt to help Administrators with this process.

The redraw of a fixture generally takes place due to teams being removed and others entered in. The current redraw process would use the fixture template that is set in the Competition details. This may result in Teams playing each other to soon after previous matches or not playing a Team at all. Our new option to 'Redraw via Fixture Equalisation' does not use the Fixture Template, instead it takes into account previous games played between Teams in the Competition and creates the 'fairest fixture'. 

1.     From the database Association level hover over the Competitions tab and then Click on List Competitions.

2.     You will need to then click on the magnifying glass to the Left of the Competition that you want to redraw the fixture for.

3.     Once you are within the selected Competition hover over Fixtures and Click Regular Season.

4.     The current redraw fixture option will use the current fixture template to draw teams against each other. This may result in teams playing each other soon after they previously had or not playing a team at all.

The new option available is to choose Redraw via Fixture Equalisation. This option will then take into account previous games played by the teams and fixture future games in a way that is ‘fair’.

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