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Winter 2013 - End Of Season Wrap

Winter 2013 – End of Season Wrap

2013 will be remembered for many reasons, perhaps your team won the Grand Final and you made the winning play; perhaps it was your first year at a new club and you made some new mates. For us at FOX SPORTS PULSE we spent another season working hard alongside the sports to help capture, show and keep these moments. Here’s a few of our highlights...

Selected Teams

Just like in the pros, most winter sports have to get their teams in by Thursday night. In April we released Selected Teams which displayed this information online, meaning grassroots players can see who their opponent is likely to be on the weekend, helping them plan their A game. No more excuses for not coming to the game switched on and ready to go!

Live Score

Our highly anticipated LiveScore product burst onto the scenes this season. Over 8,000 games were accessed via Live Score which is a great result for it’s first season.  So if you have to work on game day you can still get score updates (inc. play by play) on your phone! Don’t worry we won’t tell your boss.
A nice benefit to using Live Score as an administrator is that it saves you time after the game when you have to submit the final results, so you can get on with your day/night quicker.

Match Centre

Sport is largely about competition right? Playing against your opponents, match day.  This season we overhauled our match data display by introducing Match Centre, which you can see from the Fixture/Results page. Match Centre is a full screen view of all game data for a competition (meaning your game and other games happening in your division), including play-by-play information if your League is using Live Score.

Injury Reporting Tool

No one wants to get injured, but it happens to most, there’s even paperwork for it! It involves pain, usually missed games, and sometimes insurance claims – all bad stuff. We can’t make this fun but we did bring in an Injury Reporting module this season that appear on player’s permanent record no matter where they go. The system allows you to select the injured appendage on a fancy human graphic, and records information such as the date, time and location where the injury occurred, type of injury, and if the player was removed from the field or completed the game. It also includes the type of care provided and whether an ambulance was required. More detailed information can be added such as if the player had follow up visits to a doctor or required hospital care, and there is even a notes section for other information.

Android App (September)

Following on from our number 1 ranked iPhone app, our eagerly anticipated Android App was released this season. Basically the app performs a similar function to the iPhone app with an enhanced search function making it easier to find your team (and your fixtures, results and ladder) and the venue of your next game. The app can be downloaded from Google Play.

To stay up to date with all of our product developments make sure you visit our Blog.

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