Monday, July 29, 2013

Make Your Stats Shine!

There’s no doubt that players of all sports love exploring through not only their own statistics, but also those of their team mates and opponents. This is where your website has the potential to feed all statistical curiosities.
Player profile pages give you the ability to champion your players on your website, providing a platform for biographical information as well as a nice player portrait photo. There is a blog here outlining how to set up your player profile pages, so in no time at all you can have profiles on your own players just like the elite athletes do!

In addition to the player profile pages come the statistics that aggregate for your players. Player statistics pages are largely under utilised, but if you are assigning players to matches and entering stats in your database, all of the player information will generate automatically for you. No manual input, double handling or editing required! It is just one of the many simple ways for you to draw members and supporters to your website, an integral aspect in ensuring your members are kept up to date and informed.

To find out how to access the player statistics page and what is displayed on those pages:

    1. On your FOX SPORTS PULSE Standard website, click on Fixtures or Results for the relevant competition.

    2. Click on any one of the Teams listed.

    3. Click on the Players tab across the top and then go in and click on a player from the player list.

The player statistics page below will display the season statistics for the current season, a game-by-game log as well as previous season’s statistics*.

 *Note: It will only display past seasons if previous Competitions from your Association are set to display. For further information on displaying past competitions click here

If you have any queries on these pages don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team.

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