Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Getting Started With Reports

The Reporting functionality within your FOX SPORTS PULSE database allows administrators to report on a number of different areas including:
Clubs, Competitions, Contacts, Finance, Members, Teams, Transfers and Tribunal entries.
The categories of reports available will differ depending on the sport and the level of database access, e.g. 'teams' reports are not available at the team level. 

There are two different types of reports that are present in the FOX SPORTS PULSE system:
Advanced Reports - Indicated by the 'Configure' button, they allow you do define which fields you want to display and add custom filters to your report.

Quick Reports - Indicated by the 'Run' button, they are predefined and allow you a quick look at your data.

To run a 'Quick Report', click on Run under the report name. The report will be opened in a new window. The report can be printed (through your Internet browser's print options) or copied and pasted into a program such as MS Excel to modify.

To run an ‘Advanced Report', click on Configure under the report name. The report configuration options will open.

Down the left hand side are the categories of database fields available to include in your report. Click on one of these categories to expand the list to show all fields available within that category. Use the scroll bar to navigate up and down the list of fields.

To select a field to include in your report, click on the field, and while holding down the mouse button, drag and drop the field into the 'Selected Fields' area.  Once you have dragged a field across into the ‘selected Fields’ you can then refine the search by using the ‘Filter’ options.

Continue to add all the fields that you require by dragging and dropping them into the 'Selected Fields' area. The position of fields in the final report can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping them into the desired order in the ‘selected fields’ screen.

When you have all of the fields that you desire selected the next step is running the report. To do this you need to scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the following options.

1-    Click ‘Run Report’ to run the report with the default settings
2-    Within the ‘Options’ box you can alter the way in which the report is filtered. E.g. in this example the report will display results in season order starting from lowest to highest.
3-    The ‘Report Output’ box allows you to choose where you want the report to display. You can either have it display in a new tab or have it emailed to you.

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