Tuesday, March 18, 2014

No more linking to a database from Passport

Next time you login to Passport you will notice that we have removed the ability to link directly to a club/league database with a username/password. We've made this change to remove the old outdated method of needing a confusing username and password for each database, instead continuing on the path of all database access being given by existing users as explained below.

If you require access to a club database or you are a team manager and need to enter results, then you need to contact an existing club or league administrator and ask them to authorise you. This can be done via the User Management screen (see below). To do this, the Administrator will need your Passport login email address, if you don't already have a Passport account you can set one up here.

1. From the database select User Management from the cog on the right side.

2. Add Passport email address of new administrator and click Add 

'Restricted Access' is similar to a read only logins, it means they cannot edit member/team details. This option is popular for assigning Team Manager access as they can still select teams, print team sheets and enter results
PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of data security, FOX SPORTS PULSE support staff are not authorised to provide you with this access, it needs to be managed by your sporting organisation as they know who you are.

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