Thursday, March 27, 2014

Changes to Password Management Screen

FOX SPORTS PULSE would like to advise you of a recent change to all sports databases. 

In order to address some password security considerations, we have removed the ability for individual member and team passwords to be accessible by administrators through the Password Management screen.  

This change affects Administrators dealing with registrations of 

As an Administrator, if you go to the Password Management screen you will now see stars *** where complete passwords would have previously shown. 
If the member does not have a password set it will show "No Password Set* 


1. If a member cannot remember their password but they know the email address they registered with 
They need to go to the registration form and request their password to be resent to them using their registered email address. 

2. If a member cannot remember their email address 
The member will need to contact their league/club administrator

The league/club can either 
1. Tell the user what email address they have previously registered with. If its not the users current email address it can be updated by the League at this point. 
2. Tell the user their User ID and reset a new password for that member  

3. If a member does not have an email address
The member needs to register for an email address
The member will need to contact their league/club. 
The league/club will need advise the user of their user name and reset a password for that member. 
Once the member has registered for an email address they can update this field on their registration form 

4. If the users email address has changed from that they registered with
They must inform their league to have this changed in the database. 

5. If a team cannot remember their team password
The team contact needs to approach their league and request their Team Code and Password.

The league can reset a "New Password" and provide this to the team along with their Team Code. 

When re-setting a password we advise that administrators don't allow members to specify this. Eg. don't ask the member to advise what they want their password to be. The league/club needs to set it.

The ability to report on passwords via the reports (member, team, club and league) will be removed at some stage next week.

FOX SPORTS PULSE is committed to maintaining and enhancing the security of passwords generated through the system. 

We trust the above makes sense and is a step towards better management of members passwords. 

Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

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