Monday, March 31, 2014

Live Score - Get into the game!

PLEASE NOTE: The web address for accessing Live Score has changed from to Any users going through will see get a temporary page that will give them the option to link to results entry. For more information about how to set up Live Score, please view our support documentation.

For those associations or leagues looking to get the most out of their FOX SPORTS PULSE database this season, Live Score is the perfect way to add value for your members and efficiencies for your volunteers and administrators.

Live Score, as its name suggests, takes your game(s) to the web with scores displaying in real time for all your members to see and follow. The beauty of the Live Score system is twofold.
Firstly, it engages your members in providing them with a level of functionality that mimics the professional leagues and competitions. It serves to help strengthen your digital relationship with your members and provide an excellent level of service to the end user.

The second and perhaps more important benefit of Live Score is the value it delivers for the administrator or volunteer. In following the game live and updating it in real time the need to collect game scores, sort through all the data and re-enter the game information is removed. In an environment where time poor volunteers are prominent, saving time on data entry tasks such as this is in the best interests of all concerned.

Live Score is configured and available for a number of sports (AFL, NRL, Water Polo and FFA). For more information on the Live Score system, what it can do and how to get set up click here.

For more information on using the Live Score system should it be currently available to you click here.

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