Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Effectively promoting your sponsors

Sponsors represent a crucial part of any sporting club or association and keeping them onside and retaining them is equally as important. Below we've listed some easy steps you can take to promote your sponsors image to make sure they're happy and to make sure the message gets through to your members.

1. Sponsor Information on your website

On your website you'll be able to create a sponsor information page as below. The page can list as many sponsors as you need and provides plenty of real estate for a sponsor logo and a link to their website.

For further instruction on how to set up and create this page click here.

2. Sponsor Widgets

The major sponsor widget is an excellent way to give your sponsors a prime spot on your website. It can be set to scroll through multiple sponsors and will display on the right hand side on every page on your website, meaning everywhere your members go they see your sponsors.

For further instruction on how to set up and create sponsor widgets click here.

3. Social Media

Reaching your members through social media channels is now as important as ever and through your website it is easy to make sure your members are in touch with your Facebook and Twitter pages. Below is an example of a Facebook widget that can display on your website and can be used to attract and drive members to your Facebook page, where you're able to promote your sponsors messages directly to your members/followers.

For more information on setting up your social media widgets click here.

For any further information on how you can better service your sponsors through your websites feel free to contact our Customer Service Team.

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