Monday, March 17, 2014

Handy tips for using Schedula

Our new premium Officials Management system, Schedula, is well and truly up and running for the upcoming winter season. Below are a few quick tips and pointers on how to use the Schedula system and how to complete some common processes.

Schedula How-To's

1. Assigning an official as Administrator

The only way to give someone access to login to the Schedula database as an Administrator (in order to process appointments etc.) is to add them to your Schedula database. Your Schedula database will be linked to a FOX SPORTS PULSE database where all of your referees or umpires will be housed. Add the member into your FOX SPORTS PULSE database and they will feed into Schedula.

From there, locate the member in Schedula by hovering over Official List Administration and clicking Search Official List. Click on the members record, scroll down and click on Modify in the Active Memberships section.

Tick the Administrator box, click Save & Close and your member will be able login to Schedula as an Administrator.

2. Setup Pay Rates

You will be able to manage and setup your own Pay Rates for your database through the Schedula Settings menu and Manage Pay Rates

3. Give your officials login access

Provided your members have a primary email address coming across from your FOX SPORTS PULSE database you will be able to send them a password reset email. This will allow them to set a new password (using the email address as the username) and gives them access to login to Schedula to update their details and availability.

Navigate to your members profile through the Search Official List. To add a new primary email address (should the member not have one), click on Add Email Address, add in an email address and mark it as a primary email address. 

To send out a password reset email to the primary email address, click on the Reset Account Password button as shown below.

For any further information on how to use the Schedula system click here or alternatively feel free to get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

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