Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Communicator Updates

Over the 2014 winter season, you will notice some changes to the Communications section of Membership. With these enhancements we aim to improve the user experience and make our product more accessible, easier to use and provide the ability to report on sent messages.

These updates will be implemented over the course of the season. The first two major enhancements will soon be live. Read on to learn what will be changing with this initial release.

Text Editor: The Text editor has had an overhaul. There are many small changes in the look and feel to help editors use product in more ways. The major change to the editor is that you will now be able to make changes on a tablet (both iPad and Android). This allows administrators to use the communicator when not in the office. This is a huge advantage over the old version as cancellations or postponements can be sent from the field if need be.

Previous Version

Upgraded Version

Sent Message Reporting

Sent message reporting has been improved enormously to allow administrators to track whether their communications are reaching their members.

As you can see below there are a number of new fields added to the report. A brief description of each column can be found below the upgraded version screenshot.

Previous Version

Upgraded Version

  1. Name – Refers to the name of the member that has been emailed
  2. Address – Refers to the email address that is linked to the member
  3. Send Date – Refers to the time and date that the message was sent to the member
  4. Message ID – Is the unique number used to track the message
  5. AWS Response – There are a couple of potential messages that can appear in this column, they are described and displayed below

Complaint – A complaint message is displayed when the email recipient or the email recipients email server marks the email as spam

Bounce – The bounce message will be displayed when the email address that is being sent to has a history of emails not getting through. This is often due to the email being recorded incorrectly

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