Monday, March 3, 2014

Attracting players to your code

If your club, league or association utilises a FOX SPORTS PULSE Membership database, you have the ability to reach out to more prospective members and participants, simply by taking five minutes to input some numbers.

You have probably seen websites within your sport that have a function called 'Where Can I Play?' ‘Centre Locator’ or something similar… what you may not have realised is that the search results display information that comes directly from the database. This means if you have not entered in your location you will not be found.

By adding in the four-digit postcodes of your suburb (and surrounding suburbs) into the Locator section of your membership database, users of these search tools will be able to find you much easier. (If you are within the Football (Soccer) realm you will need to ensure details are updated in your MyFootballClub database)

This process should take you only a few short minutes, and only needs to be undertaken once.

Don’t forget surrounding suburbs

As important as it is to indicate the suburb where your club is located, it is probably even more important to include the surrounding suburbs too.This ensures that potential participants that live on the border of multiple suburbs are shown all the available options.

The Locator will also provide the participant with a map that will point out all the available clubs in their local area as shown below.

Where to enter post codes into the database

Your club, league or association’s post code information can be found by clicking on Locator from your database.

 You then need to scroll down to the field labeled Postal Codes Serviced and enter the local postcode plus surrounding areas in the box to the right.

NOTE: Ensure that the Show us in the Public Locator tick box is ticked.

How many post codes is too many?

This will differ depending on your location, but as a general rule of thumb we recommend entering in somewhere between 6 and 10 relevant post codes.

Inputting too few post codes runs the risk of less people finding you, but inputting too many post codes runs the risk of the search results becoming too diluted and less meaningful (i.e. becomes harder for people to find you!)

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