Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New season FAQs

For any new Administrator the start of a new season is a busy time, particularly when coupled with learning a new software system. Below are a few questions about financial reporting and the newly adopted Schedula system we've been frequently asked at this time of year.

General FAQs

Q - How do I run financial reports?

A - All financial information that gets generated by the database, such as payment and transaction dates, transaction status, receipt and reference numbers can be pulled out and reported on. The strength of the reporting system lies in its customisability which gives you the capacity to slice and dice your data in any particular way.

For a demo on the quickest and easiest way to access and run financial reports from your database click here.

Q - Some participants are finding that their transaction value has doubled. What do we do?

A - This usually happens if when they click the ‘back’ button in their browser after selecting a product.

There are a few ways to fix this:

What the participant/parent can do:
Try closing the browser and registering again (this should start a new browser session)
Try a different browser if they have one (ie Chrome or Firefox)

What the club can do

If the product is only intended to every be purchased once (which is the case for most registration products) ensure that the ‘allow multiple quantity purchasing’ box is unticked in the product setup.
Locate the member in the database and check to see if the transactions appear on their record. If they are then you can simply delete them as they should be unpaid.

Schedula FAQs

Q - How can I get our association setup with the Schedula system?

A - If you're a new user and wish to be set up with a Schedula database to start trialling the software, click here to submit an enquiry and include details of your organisation. Be sure to include what your association name is, which database your competition fixtures belong to (can be multiple) and whereabouts in the database your officials are located. We will then be in touch with access and login details to the system.

Q - Why are my members email address not coming across to Schedula?

A- If the members in your FOX SPORTS PULSE database have an email address listed and displaying but that email address doesn't carry over to the Schedula system, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Q - How do I see which of my officials have logins?

A - There are two ways to verify the login details of your officials. Firstly, you will be able to view whether or not an official has a login by viewing their profile (as shown in the link here).

Alternatively, you can run a 'Login Report' from the 'Reports Home' menu. An example of how to use the reporting system can be found here.

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