Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Get volunteers on your team this season

The responsibilities and tasks for a club or association administrator can be wide ranging and often time consuming. And with so much to do it can be the little tasks that get overlooked or forgotten about, like polishing up and maintaining your website for example. Enter the volunteer.

Now not every club or association will have volunteers knocking the door down looking to help out in any way but it just takes one to be interested in your website or just simply passionate about your club or association. Providing a volunteer access to your website to assist every now and then with keeping it fresh and looking professional is a great way to spread your administrative burden. Outlined below is a quick snapshot of how you can give access to a volunteer and what you may typically get your volunteer to assist with on your website.

How a volunteer can get started helping with your website

First things first they will need to register for an SP Passport. It's a very simple process, they'll just need to go to passport.sportingpulse.com and click on the Register button to create a new account. They'll receive a confirmation email, once they've confirmed then they're ready to go!

How you can give a volunteer access

Navigate to your website and click on the Site Editor button at the bottom of the page.

Scroll down to the Manage Settings section and click on Authorisation.

Simply enter in the email address they used to sign up to Passport with, click Add and they will then be a link on the Passport to the website back end!

What can a volunteer do with your website?

There's all manner of things that can be updated on your website but you may look to get your volunteer to update text and news articles, clean up old unused pages, add widgets, club logos, photos...the list goes on!

We have various resources available should your volunteer(s) need some assistance in getting used to and learning the system.

Our YouTube channel is a great place to start and has short sharp videos on managing website content, widgets, display options and a general website overview.

There's also a bunch of articles available on our Support site that cover all things websites. Use the search function on the page to quickly find what you are after.

There you have it, a nice simple process for giving access to your volunteers and in turn hopefully alleviating some of your administrative duties. For any further assistance on this, feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

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