Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Reaching your unpaid members and last years players

The Communicator tool in your Membership database is a powerful tool. Not only can you email and SMS your members quickly and easily, you can also target any group of members in your database, in this case unpaid members and non-returning players, and customise a specific message to them using the Saved Report functionality.

It sounds simple but below are a few examples of how Communicator may save you a lot of time whilst ensuring your message is getting to the right people.

Contacting members who have registered but not paid

To set this up:

1.     Click into the Reports section and configure an Advanced Member report

2.     Click and drag across the relevant fields (below as an example), making sure to set the Transaction Status filter to equal ‘Unpaid’

3.    Save the report at the bottom of the screen

4.     Click into the Communications tab and click on Send a Message

5.     Click on Remembered Report and select your saved report

You’ll then be able to go through and either Email or SMS (or do both) the members with unpaid transactions listed on the report that you have saved.

Contacting all players that played last season but have not yet registered for this season

This process is much the same it just uses a different report. From the Members reports click on Configure in the 'Retention Report' section


In the following screen you will see the following filters near the top of the field list:

As indicated above, you can filter the list of members by those that were registered in one season and not another. The above example will show members that were registered in 2013 that are yet to register in 2014. In a similar way, you could run this report to see new members to your Club by selecting the values Where member in 2013 and NOT IN 2014.

All manner of Member and Team reports can be customised and saved giving you the ability to efficiently contact any members that you need to.

For further information and instruction on using Communicator and saved reports click here.

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