Monday, February 17, 2014

Equip your participants and fans with the right tools this year

The ever growing FOX SPORTS PULSE product suite provides a wide range of functionality and benefit to administrators but importantly it also provides useful tools for the member and participant. Below are a few handy little tips to ensure that your members have the tools at their disposal to make sure they are kept informed and up-to-date.

Tips and tools for your members

1. Download the app

The app, on both the iPhone and Android platforms, provides the users with quick access to team information for their team(s). Simple and easy to use the app will display upcoming competition fixtures, results and ladders as well as venue locations. With so much available on mobile these days, this is a quick and easy way for your members to see their upcoming games and find the game venues.

2. Sign up for Game Reminders

The game reminder is an automatically generated email by the system and is sent directly to the member a few days before the next game with date, time and venue details. The game reminders are an excellent way of making sure that your members receive the correct game details for each round. Game reminder emails are based on a team so you are able to follow as many teams as you like, receiving reminder emails a few days before each team is scheduled to play.

Game reminders can be found at the top of the fixtures and results page (as shown below).

Once you've set yourself up to receive Game Reminders you'll begin to receive emails like the ones below.

Note: you will need to be signed into SP Passport to set up a game reminder.

For further information on setting up a game reminder click here.

3. Mobile websites

If you have a Standard or Advanced website your website will automatically render and display intuitively on a mobile device. To view the mobile site simply navigate to your website on a mobile device. Promoting the use of your mobile site is a nice, easy way to have your club or association easily accessible wherever your members may be.

If you have any further queries about these or any of our other products, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team.

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