Wednesday, February 5, 2014

FOX SPORTS PULSE Network Update - 05/02/2014

Here is the list of updates released into the FOX SPORTS PULSE Network this week:

FOX SPORTS PULSE Membership/Competitions 
  • Date Registered Until can now be added to the Member Grid as a viewable field.
  • Member Reporting can now easily view which Registration form people used to register to a season.
  • Some AFL Clubs were having issues with paying through the gateway. This has now been rectified so the gateway is calculated better for National Registration Forms.
  • Date Pickers in the system were preventing people from selecting a date beyond a year in the past. There is now no restriction.
  • You were unable to set Finals Eligibility values higher than 10 games, this restriction has now been lifted.
  • Some advertisements were displaying over the Menu Drop Down Items, you'll now notice the ads will hide when you're using the Menu.
  • Modify Team Members screen has been restored to the newer updated version.

  • Game Reminders could not be added for Competitions on the website. This has been resolved so people can now add game reminders for their teams.

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