Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Support Site LIVE

A new Support Centre site was recently launched as part of our continued re-branding transition. It's largely an aesthetic change, with a few extra quick links to things like FAQs and product tips from the support desk which we hope will make our user's lives easier.

The update doesn't change the way you interact with the Support Centre with regard to your tickets. Your SC login is also still the same for now, however soon we plan to incorporate this into your Passport login to make things easier for you, meaning one less login to remember (something we don't think will bother too many people!).

We have also recently contracted the services of a company called Inbenta who are helping us better understand what administrators are searching for in our knowledge base, highlighting areas in our product knowledge base that we need to improve/or are lacking. This is something we're particularly excited about as in time it will result in a better overall Support Centre experience for most users.

In the mean time we hope you enjoy our new look site, and, as always - any questions/comments just let us know.

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