Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Selected Teams layout and player profile integration

**This feature is available for AFL / Football / Basketball  / Rugby League users with the Competitions module.**

When you next log in to Selected Teams and Match Centre you may notice a few changes.

We have improved the Selected Teams layout so they are now full screen width and include links to player profiles. This means player names (or jersey for football) are clickable, bringing up a pop-up of the players profile with an option to click through to see more details.

Player profile pop-up in Selected Teams

The AFL functionality will remain the same where if 80% of both teams have selected their sides in positions they will appear in the ground view, if not they will appear in a list view.

List View

Ground View

The Football layout will put players into the 4-4-2 formation if selected otherwise put the users in the list on each side of the pitch.


Rugby League

Another exciting feature is that in the Match Centre if you click on a players name you will now get the lightbox to see an overview of the player.

Player profile pop-up in Match Centre

To learn more about assigning players to matches visit this article.

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