Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Keeping your website fresh throughout the season

Keeping your website up to date and loaded with fresh content can take a back seat during the hustle and bustle of the season but your website should never be forgotten. The best part of your website is that valuable information can flow through to it from other areas meaning you can have fresh content with having to constantly update it.

Things like fixtures and results, statistics and videos can all be set up to automatically populate on your website. Below are some simple ideas and tips to make sure that your website continues to be relevant and engaging for your members and end users.

Use widgets

Widgets are a great way to provide quick and easily accessible information on every page of your website. Using them to display your major sponsors, social media links and YouTube channel are excellent ways to liven up your right hand column. Be careful however, not to overload your site with widgets. A long and drawn out right hand column will not only lessen its effectiveness but also detract from the look of your site. For more information on what widgets can be added click here.

Get your videos up

Provided you have a YouTube channel and FOX SPORTS PULSE have claimed it, you will be able to display your videos on the right hand side column of your website. For more information on YouTube channels and what FOX SPORTS PULSE can provide click here. For instructions on how to set up a YouTube widget click here.

Stats amazing

Statistics from your competitions can now be displayed nicely through the right hand column of your website making it an easy and great way to engage your members while keeping content up to date. For more information on what this can look like and how to set this up click here.

Make fixtures and results the centrepiece

Fixtures/Results/Ladders are by far the most popular aspect of any Fox Sports Pulse standard website. Don't hide them! Make them very clear and easy to find and try to keep them over on the left hand side of the menu structure.

For any further information on how to update and utilise aspects of your website, feel free to contact our Customer Service Team.

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