Thursday, May 15, 2014

FOX SPORTS PULSE Network Update - 15/05/2014

Here is the list of updates released into the FOX SPORTS PULSE Network this fortnight:

FOX SPORTS PULSE Membership/Competitions 

  • Reporting on 'Terms and Conditions' of Members.
  • Passwords are now hidden in reporting.
  • AFL Pending validation updates.
  • Events Users - You can now set users in User Management.
  • Registration Forms fix - If you form has no elements in it it will still save properly.
  • Program Forms can now set rules whether they want fields to display as 'new' or 'returning' members.
  • If 'Bye as Played' is not set in Ladder Configuration the byes will not count as matches.
  • New Basketball Stats and auto-calculation for Player Match Stats.
  • New Headers for some of the basketball associations.
  • Player Match Stats Report for Basketball.


  • Ability to show Team Logos on Milestone Awards.
  • New Link to the 'Extra' Site on our homepage.
  • Stats Tables now scroll properly on mobile for really wide pages for people who have a lot of statistics.
  • Better background positioning in milestone awards.

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