Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Use LIVE SCORE this season!

LIVE SCORE is the perfect way to keep your members updated on all the on-field action.  It also makes match officiating easier for your volunteers and administrators!

As the name suggests, LIVE SCORE displays your match scores in real time on your website.

LIVE SCORE has two main benefits.

Firstly, it engages your members by providing them with a level of functionality that mimics the professional leagues and competitions. It helps strengthen your digital relationship with your members and provide an excellent level of service to the user.

The second (and perhaps more important!) benefit of LIVE SCORE is the time it saves your administrators or volunteers. They can follow your games LIVE and collect game scores in real time.  This means there is no need to sort though game data or re-enter game information when it comes to tallying your result.


LIVE SCORE is configured and available for a number of sports (AFL, NRL, Water Polo, Touch and Football). For more information on the LIVE SCORE system, what it can do and how to get set up click here.

For more information on using the
LIVE SCORE system should it be currently available to you click here.

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