Thursday, September 25, 2014

Get more value from your membership database

Are you getting full use of your membership database?

Many of you will already be familiar with using the membership database for registrations and payments, competition management and reporting functions.

But you may not know that it's a fantastic tool to also manage your merchandise and uniforms, events, and non-paying memberships. Read on to find out how.

With the flexibility and ease of adding a product to your database and linking it to a registration form, you can create a product for just about anything your club or association wishes to sell to your members.

FOX SPORTS PULSE Payments via the NAB sub-merchant gateway virtually enables you to open an online store and begin selling club merchandise, player uniforms, non-playing club memberships or even tickets to a club event you may be holding such as a presentation night or fundraising event.

This can assist in generating new revenue streams for your club in terms of merchandise and memberships, adding a professional approach to the administration of running events and streamlining the experience and interaction for all members of your club or association.

Some suggestions on how to approach each of these areas are below:

Merchandise & Uniforms:
Add products to a member registration form for club merchandise (caps, polos, track-suits, club scarf etc.) and uniforms (socks, shorts, sports bag etc.) as part of the annual player registration process. This will ensure these products will be viewed by every player registering for your club.

Set up an event specific registration form and add products for ticketing to the event. This could be used for any event or activity undertaken by your club or association but typically the most popular uses are for presentation nights, school holiday clinics and representative/tournament competitions just to name a few.
This would require set-up of a separate “Events” database for your club or association to split your event registrations from your normal member registrations (Players, Coaches, Officials & Volunteers)*. 

Non-Playing Memberships:
Provide supporters, past players, past coaches or parents with the ability to support your club financially through club memberships. Set-up a registration form and product in a separate FOX SPORTS PULSE Membership database* to allow these individuals to register as a member of your club. This will give you up-to-date details for these members so you can maintain their interaction with the club and communicate to these members throughout the season.

For any registration form you are able to add any custom fields to capture any further information you may need like uniform/shirt size etc. To find out how to set up custom fields click here.

Remember! It’s always important to have a refund policy in place due to the nature of events or merchandise that could be cancelled or returned due to unforeseen circumstances. A refund policy can be added to the registration form.

Of course any registrations and/or payments that are processed online can be reported on through our fully customisable reporting system. So, reporting on any member who hasn't paid or simply tracking how many merchandise items you have sold is an easy and efficient process. Further information here on how to do this.

To explore your options to any of the above solutions contact the FOX SPORTS PULSE Customer Service Team – or our friendly Support Team on 1300 139 970.

*This is important as it keeps this data separate from your traditional membership database and does not impact on statistics for your Association, State or National Governing body.

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