Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FOX SPORTS PULSE Network Update 30/9/2014

Basketball - Stadium Scoring
Display of Stadium Scoring key in Association Details screen 
  • A new notification that only display if there isn't already a similar notification. This notification will tell the organisation if they should run a report as there was injuries or incidents added to the match summary.
FFA - Registrations
Ability to upload a document on registration form.
  • A non-compulsory field that allows the upload of multiple documents when a player is registered for the first time through an appropriate registration form.
  • An explicit message will now show when a user pays a processing fee (through registration   product selection).
Registrations - Products 
  • Products now cannot have a price under $0.
Websites - Ladder/Predictor Live
  • Basketball, AFL, Football & Rugby League can all use the ladder predictor to predict the outcomes of their competitions.

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