Friday, August 29, 2014

Registrations FAQs

To help you stay on top of your registration process, we've put together a list of the most common registration queries we receive from participants and clubs.

Common Participant Queries

Q.  I play in multiple leagues, can I use my ‘League A’ username/password to register into ‘League B’?
A.  No, participant username/password combinations are unique to a league. So in the above example, the participant will have two different sets of username/passwords (one for each league).

Q.  I can’t remember my username/password from last season and it’s not recognising my email address. What do I do?
A.  Contact your club registrar/secretary and ask them for the correct email address.

Q.  I clicked the ‘back’ button in my browser and now the transaction value has doubled. What should I do?
A.  First try closing the browser and registering again (or try a different browser). The browser session should refresh and resolve this issue. If however this does not solve the problem you will need to contact your club and ask them to remove the transaction from your member record. If you have already paid for the transaction then you will need to contact your club to organise a refund.

Club Administrators

Q.  I know my participants are registering but I can’t see them in the database yet, what is the cause for this?
A.  This is most likely because the database has picked them up as possible duplicates. If this is the case the league is required to remove the duplicates. The participant will not appear in the member list until this happens, however they will still appear in the member search (from the top right side of the screen) and also in reports.

Q.  My products are not appearing on the form but I have activated them within the product section of the registration form. Why aren't they showing?
A.  Ensure the filtering on the product is correct. Most of the time the product will not be showing because the age filter is blocking you from seeing it. If your product does have an age filter, make sure when entering a test DOB in the registration form, that it falls in with the filter. 

Q.  My members are registering but they're not being set as financial in the season. Why is this happening?
A.  This usually means that your registration product is not set to make them financial. The below screenshot indicates where this is set from within the product screen:

Q.  Should I use the same products on my registration form that I used last season?
A.  No. Definitely create new products for each season. This will result in a much less confusing financial history of your database, which is handy particularly when you need to run financial reports.

And finally a couple of general tips from our help desk:
  • Although we’re more than happy to help your participants out, we understand that most clubs would rather field any registration related queries themselves so they can stay on top of the whole process. For this reason we recommend that you make your contact details clear on each page of your registration form so that your members can easily find your information.
  • Did you know you can have more than one bank account associated with your club database? Once we set this up for you, you can direct funds from each product to a particular bank account (normal validation requirements apply).  Email us at with a scanned copy of the additional bank account and the details of your club, league and sport (if you know your club ID in the system, please include that) and we'll organise this for you.

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