Thursday, October 30, 2014

Introducing the AFL National Registration System

The AFL's National Registration System (NRS), custom built for the sport by FOX SPORTS PULSE, will soon be accepting registrations across the country for the 2015 winter season.

What is it?

NRS stands for National Registration System and allows states and national sports bodies to create standard forms that are rolled out to all associations and clubs in their domain. It can be implemented at a regional, state or national level.

The nationwide system will help maintain a standardised set of fields and answers, creating more meaningful and clean data while reducing user error. It will also provide a way for regional, state or national bodies to assist leagues, associations and clubs with legal compliance like the government's new privacy and spam legislation.

FOX SPORTS PULSE AFL NRS was designed to be configurable and flexible, so it will accommodate your sports organisation's needs while still maintaining standardisation when necessary. We understand that sometimes specific questions that are needed from registrants, and have allowed for this. Leagues, associations and clubs can change the form layout and even configure additional fields, headers and text to enable forms to be tailored to their members specifically.

With maintainability in mind, any changes to a form at the national level within the NRS are automatically made through to the system down to the club level features, the same core benefits of the system are present:

  • Safe and secure online transactions with 24/7 convenience.
  • No more paper registrations and excel spreadsheets, fewer data entry errors.
  • Customised reports - member and financial reporting.
  • Simple re-registration set-up.
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant.
  • Ability to split payments across clubs, leagues and governing bodies.
  • Seamless integration with Membership Management and Competition Management. 
Extending these benefits to a national level should improve the registration experience for both administrators and participants, allowing everyone to spend more time on sports. 

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