Monday, August 10, 2015

Ladder Predictor

As we near the pointy end of the winter sport season, don't forget to use the FOX SPORT PULSE Ladder Predictor.

The FOX SPORTS PULSE Ladder Predictor will forecast the results your team needs to make the finals or (if appropriate) avoid relegation.

The FOX SPORTS PULSE Ladder Predictor is available for AFL, Football, Rugby League and Basketball**.

Our Ladder Predictor even has an auto-pick function that predicts your upcoming results, based on your teams’ current performance.  If you are a club or competition administrator, you can choose from several popular ladder templates, or even dedicate a different template to each competition. If you'd prefer to build up finals suspense, there's also the option to hide the Ladder Predictor from your competition completely.  

The FOX SPORTS PULSE Ladder Predictor is also available on your mobile, so you check out where your team stands in the competition straight after your game.

Make sure you share the Ladder Predictor with your friends and teammates.  Good luck!

**Not available for all basketball competitions

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