Monday, July 6, 2015

This month's frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to our Customer Support team over the past month.

A member has incurred a duplicate payment, what is the next step?

On rare occasions, member credit cards are double charged by the bank.  However, only one transaction will show in the member record.

Until the bank fix the problem, FSP checks for double payments twice per week and automatically returns the excess payment to the members card. This refund often occurs before the member realises it has happened. If you are approached by a member who has noticed they have been charged twice before the payment has been reimbursed, you should let them know that it can take 5 to 7 business days to receive the refund.

If the member finds that the funds have still not been reimbursed after this period, they should go to our Support Centre and submit a request with the date and amount of the payment. They should supply the first 6 and last 3 digits of their credit card number so our customer support team can investigate the issue.

Note that this is different to when the member has actually paid twice for an item. If this is the case, both transactions will show up in the members transaction record and it will be the responsibility of the club to reimburse where relevant.

A payment is missing from the database but I know that the individual has paid, what is the next step?

To investigate this issue we require the first six and last three digits of the credit card used to make this payment as well as a copy of the bank statement. Please submit this information here.

I would like to update my banking details, how can I do this?

Provide us with a copy of the bank statement for the new account showing your new account details and we can update this for you. Please send the bank statement to

How can I setup my registration form to accept payments?

Login to your database and go through the following steps:

  1. Hover over Registrations and click Payment Configuration
  2. Click Payment Application 
  3. Complete the form including bank details and statement before submitting. 

You will be advised of the successful setup within seven business days. For more information please click here.

How do I work out who the money I received in my bank account is from?

To acquire this information you would need to run a Funds Received report and include the Distribution ID field along with any fields you deem necessary.

The Distribution ID field needs to be filtered 'Equals' and the code from the bank statement (beginning with the letter 'E') needs to be the filter criteria (minus the letter 'E' at the start).

The pathway to create this report is as follows - form your database click (>) Reports > Finance > Funds Received (Configure) > Add necessary fields to report (including Distribution ID) > Filter Distribution ID > Run Report.

(AFL ONLY Question) The Registrations menu will not allow me to add new registration forms. How can I add new forms to our database?

You are required to use the National Registration Form that is listed in this menu. It behaves as any other registration form would except you cannot remove any of the fields already on the form.

How can I give a Team Manager access to the database?

Team Managers will need restricted database access to be able to perform their weekly tasks (typically team selection, team sheets and results entry).

As was the case last year, clubs can assign TMs (with a Passport account) database access through User Management.

A player is missing from the team sheet, what should I do? 

If you're having trouble finding a particular player for Team Sheet, we've put together a short list of things to check.

How can I de-register a player from my club?

Have you got an old player appearing in your list of current season players and would like to remove them? These steps should help.

How can I check some finances?

Time to balance the books? Here are some instructions on how to run financial reports.

I am a participant and my goal is missing from the results section on my club website, what should I do?

Our support team do not have authorisation to add or edit scores/results. In this case, please contact your club and they will be able to assist you.

I am from a club and our scores from the weekend are wrong, what should I do?

Our support team do not have authorisation to change any scores. This authorisation would need to come from the competition itself.  Please contact your association to change results.

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