Friday, January 30, 2015

Add images to your products!

FOX SPORTS PULSE has launched a new feature that allows you to add images to your products. 

Administrators now have the ability to add a product to a Registration Form (eg. club hat) with an image next to the product.  

This functionality is handy for all products, but particularly for merchandise. Images show the member what the merchandise looks like before they purchase the item.

Find out how to add images to products by watching this instructional video or follow these simple steps.


1. From the main dashboard, hover over Registrations and click 'Products'.


2. From the Products page, click 'Add New Product'.

3. The first tab along the top is the 'Details' tab. Fill in all mandatory information and click 'Upload Image'.

4. Click 'Select files' and choose an image.

5. The image will take a few seconds to load. Once it appears on the screen and all necessary information has been filled in, click 'Update'.  

6. Ensure that the product is on the registration form by editing the form and activating the product.

7. The image will appear within the Items area on the registration form. To enlarge the product, click on it and to minimise it, click on it again.

Another Product 
related feature that has also been launched is the ability for users to ask for additional information on a specific product. This feature can be found under the 'Items' tab when editing a product. 

Simply add the question you wish to ask, (eg. What size are you?) and then add each option (small, medium and large). Click Update

When the product has been added to the registration form and chosen by the user, the additional question drop box will appear.  

The Product Items are fully reportable by clicking on Reports along the top menu, FinanceTransactions - 'Configure'.  Drag 'Product Items' across and filter by the item such as size, colour etc. 

Please Note: To use this feature you must have a merchant account with FOX SPORTS PULSE. If you do not have a merchant account, please contact our Online Registrations and Payments team via

Please also note:  If you find that this functionality is not available in your membership database, please contact our Online Registrations and Payments team via or call 1300 139 970 (AUS) / 0800 808 202 (NZ)

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