Monday, June 30, 2014

Compulsory payments

With the Summer Season fast approaching, are you worried that some players will slip through without paying for their registration? If so, try making payment compulsory.

This means if administrators select the Compulsory Payment option (which is configurable by form), a new member must complete payment online for them to be registered to the database. If they are a returning member, and they don't complete the payment section, they will not be registered.

In the past, members could fill in the registration form and be added to the registration system as 'non-financial'.  This would require club administrators to follow up with the participant to ensure they become 'financial'.

Compulsory payments will be a time saver for your club administrators, and will allow your club to access registration payments sooner.   This option can also be turned off at any time.

To set up Compulsory Payments on your registration form, please follow the instructions below:
1.     From the dashboard menu hover over Registrations and click Registration Forms


2.   Click on the Edit button next to the Primary Registration Form 

     3.     Within the Settings tab, tick the box to the right of Payment is Compulsory 

4.     Once you have ticked the box click SAVE at either the top or bottom of the page

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