Thursday, January 16, 2014

Quick tips for your Membership database this summer

With summer well and truly firing on all cylinders, its time to ignite your Membership database in preparation for a new season. Below are a few handy little tips to kickstart your database for a new year and new season.

1. Configure your season settings

It's only a small change but it is a hugely important one. If seasons aren't locked down for your particular sport*, updating the seasons will ensure all of your new registrations for members are assigned to the correct season.

To check if your seasons are correct, click on the Settings cog, the Settings menu and then click on Seasons. The two drop down lists at the top of the page will display what your current seasons are set to. Update them as need be.

*Note: if your seasons are locked down they will be set at a National level and you won't have to update anything. Only Associations/Leagues will be able to configure season settings if seasons aren't locked nationally.

2. Update your contact details

With new seasons approaching, you may find you also have new staff or new contacts. Keeping this information up to date and accurate is an important one for your members and indeed potential new members.

To update your contact details in the database click on the Edit button next to Contacts. Enter in as many relevant and up to date contact details as possible.

3. Check and update your registration forms

Before sending out your registration forms ensure that all of the information displayed on the form is correct and is not information from last year's registration period.

To update your form hover over the Registrations menu and click on Registration forms. Click on Edit and tab through the menus to check that the form contains relevant information for the upcoming season. Below is an example of text that may be displaying on the form that is out of date.

For any queries on these points or anything else that you may need help with going in to a new year please contact our Customer Service Team.

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