Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is your Club going unnoticed?

These days everyone wants access to everything at any time of day or night. So providing your members (and potential members) with as much accessible information as possible is not only super important but very easy. For clubs, the easiest and best way of doing this is updating your basic club details in your Online database.

In our recent online survey where we asked network users to give us feedback on our website and network information, more than a quarter of the respondents wrote about the lack of up-to-date data and information.  As club administrators we urge you to do what you can to keep your club information up to date. Here are a few tips how:

In your Club’s database click on the Edit button. From there you’ll have 3 categories of information to enter in: Details, Contacts and Locator.

The details menu consists of the basic information about your club such as address, phone numbers and email addresses. These details are particularly useful in ensuring the levels above (Associations/State Bodies/National Bodies) can effectively communicate with their clubs.

This menu houses the contact details for the key members/administrators of your club. Filling out these details is particularly important for providing notifications to the administrators within your club. For example, ticking the ‘Finance & Payments’ box for your Treasurer will mean they will receive a notification email when new members register or pay online.

The 'locator' is a valuable tool for ensuring that your club/association can be found by potential members/ players through the SportingPulse 'locator' should your National governing body have a locator displaying on their website. Here is a good example of a locator in action.
Entering your Venue location details will mean that when potential members search for nearby and local clubs, your club will appear and all of the club’s contact details will be available. Below is another example of what results are returned when a member searches for a particular suburb.

Updating these details may seem simple but it can be the difference between a new member heading to a club down the road or coming to play for your club.

If you have any troubles or wish to read up a bit more on the Contacts and Locator functionality, please click here or get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

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